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Segal Communications is an award-winning public relations, social media, content, and influencer marketing agency. We specialize in crafting comprehensive omnichannel communication strategies spanning food, retail, events, and hospitality. To contact us, please call us (415-962-7956) or email us [email protected].

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Media & Influencer Relations

Our mission is to assist consumer brands in establishing a strong brand presence, building a stellar reputation, and amplifying their unique stories through earned and owned channels. We pride ourselves on offering strategic guidance and skillful execution. Beyond being mere consultants, we wholeheartedly integrate ourselves as dedicated team members, working hand in hand with our clients to collaboratively create something we all take immense pride in building.

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Events & Activations

There is no better way to win people over than with a creative event or activation. Working with the Segal team, you are guaranteed a flawless run-of-show that entertains, engages, and amplifies the values of your brand. Whether you're looking for a grand opening for your newest brick and mortar, a tasting event, expo or a brand launch party, the pros at Segal Communications will ensure it’s a blockbuster.

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With your ten thousand+ hours that solidify your expertise multiplied many times over, it’s time to share your learnings. We work with CEOs and entrepreneurs across mediums to capture and articulate valuable insights to share. We will help you craft your narrative and work to amplify your voice in the most saturated industries. Whether you’re interested in putting pen to paper, getting on the main stage, or putting some creative muscle behind your social accounts, Segal Communications will help you present your expertise to the world.

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Social Media & Content Creation

Successful feeds are part art, part science. Great content that is visually and editorially engaging will go only so far without tapping into the analytics of who, where, and when customers are online and ready to connect. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to make certain that everything we publish aligns with the company’s values, mission, and goals. Segal Communications’ social media team is passionate about helping companies reach their fullest potential with original photography, blogs, and newsletters.

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Our team of seasoned experts helps companies, organizations, and individuals develop targeted, relevant, and authentic narratives and proven communications strategies that consistently deliver measurable gains.

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