We build successful communications strategies by working with our clients to pinpoint their end goals and create a program that delivers on that. Cookie-cutter communication solutions are the antithesis of what we do; what works for one brand may not work for another. We think carefully about clients’ unique needs and build a strategy tailored to achieve their goals. Our solutions are measurable, scalable, and efficient.

Media Relations

We are story archeologists. We dig deep for unleveraged content hiding with the engineers, operators, creators, leaders, and audiences that bring a brand story to life. We are highly-skilled in uncovering the latent brilliance of a story that might seem obvious to you, yet has the potential to be quite illuminating to your audience. Our news-reporting roots arm us with the superpowers of generating succinct yet powerful stories. We are always working on new ideas, angles, and activities that propel your brand’s narrative forward.

Comprehensive Media Relations And Strategic Communications Planning
Narrative, Message Development & Talking Points
Press Kits, Pitch & Media List Development
Press Releases, Copywriting & Editing
Press Page Audits, Electronic Press Kit Development And
Realtime Coverage Page Updates
Brand And Product Launches
Media And Deskside Tours
Individual, Small And Large Session Media Training
Sample Campaign Management
Data-Driven Research And Surveys
Brand Appropriate Charitable And Profitable Partnerships
Awards Program Applications And Submissions
Crisis Communications Preparation And Management
Paid Media Production & Placement (Broadcast, Print And Digital)
Competitor Media Audits & Coverage Targeting
Analytics, Reporting, And Tracking
Seo & Affiliate Programs Support

Influencer Relations

We form collaborative and long-lasting relationships with influencers to bring your brand to life. By capitalizing on new content formats and emerging media channels, influencers transform your core messaging into breakthrough moments that spur action in desired audiences. Your brand story will be meticulously and authentically crafted with the right photographs, illustrations, and other eyeball-generating content that shows and tells your story in an impactful way.

Trend Identification
Influencer Vetting Guildline Development
Paid And Trade Relationships
Influencer Identification And Outreach
Contract Management
Sample And Review Campaigns
Influencer Events

Thought Leadership Strategy And Executive Visibility

The true measurement of a successful thought leadership program is when reporters, writers, and editors begin to reach out for your opinion on a topic for an article, and conference organizers begin to reach out to you for speaking opportunities frequently. We develop transparent, focused, accessible, and consistent programs that drive this kind of success, as we believe “thought leadership is cumulative.”

Personal Branding & Message Development
Thought Leadership Strategy
Executive Profile and Competitor Audits
Social Media Management For Individuals
Media Training
Byline Drafting And Placement
Speaking Opportunity Proposals, Outreach and Management

Social Media Strategy, Management & Content Creation

A fully formed social media strategy is essential in today's digital age, as social media has become integral to people's lives. With a well-defined social media strategy, businesses can tap into this vast audience and effectively reach their target market. Leveraging social media allows you to build brand awareness, engage with customers directly and cost-effectively, and promote your products or services. Segal works with clients to outline clear goals, identify the most relevant social media platforms for target audiences, and create engaging content that aligns with brand identity. We implement, track, and analyze performance with metrics and analytics that measure the effectiveness of all efforts, which is then used to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

Social Media Audits, Social Listening Analytics And Strategy
Content Strategy And Calendar Development
Social Media Management For Brands & Individuals
Product, Event, Lifestyle Photography And Image Curation
Custom Keyword Blog Content And Scheduling
Custom Graphics And Digital Asset Management
Custom Copywriting & Content Creation
Community Management - Commenting, Engagement, And Monitoring
Measurement, Advanced Analytics, And Insights
Video Ideation, Production & Editing
Newsletter Composition And Distribution
Google Business Management
Hashtag and Keyword Research
Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Reporting

Event Planning

Events are imperative to generate awareness and buzz around any campaign through tactical, memorable, and immersive brand experiences. A brand can easily captivate its target audience by carefully curating the event's theme, ambiance, and activities to leave a lasting impression. Whether it's a grand unveiling, a product demonstration, or an interactive showcase, a well-planned event allows attendees to engage directly with the brand, fostering a sense of excitement and curiosity. This heightened experience helps amplify the campaign's reach and impact by generating positive word-of-mouth, social media mentions, and media coverage.

Event Conception, Promotion, Execution & Staffing
Grand Openings, Fam Tours & Community Events
Promotional Events And Stunts
Brand & Product Launches & Launch Events
Tradeshows, Conferences, Vendor & Venue Management
Calendar Listings & Event Promotion


Developing dialed-in creative plays a pivotal role in growing brand visibility. Repetition is reputation; when a brand consistently presents its messaging, visuals, and other creative elements across various channels, it establishes a solid and recognizable brand identity. Consistency also creates familiarity and builds trust with target audiences, making it easier for them to identify and engage with the brand. Memorable creative, on the other hand, leaves a lasting impression and enhances brand recall. By crafting creative elements that resonate with the target audience, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and capture attention in a crowded marketplace.

Creative Campaign Direction
Ad Campaign Concept Development, Art Direction, And Design
Production For Print, Digital, And Social
Brand Naming, Identity Design, And Brand Guidelines
Editorial And Video Content Generation
Event Creative Direction, Design, And Oversight
Website Design And Production
Package Design And Production


Proactively developing a crisis communications plan is paramount for any organization to manage and mitigate potential crises effectively. A problem can strike unexpectedly and catch a business off guard. With a well-developed plan, companies can respond swiftly and efficiently, minimizing the impact on their reputation, operations, and stakeholders. A crisis communications plan outlines clear protocols, roles, and responsibilities for the management team to ensure a coordinated and timely response. It provides guidelines on communicating with both internal and external stakeholders (including employees, customers, media, and the public) to address the crisis, provide accurate information, and manage any potential misinformation or rumors. This preparedness helps to maintain transparency, build trust, and demonstrate proactive crisis management, ultimately protecting the organization's reputation and preserving stakeholder confidence.

Crisis Communications Planning And Preparation
Internal Process Development
Messaging Creation
Statement And Talking Point Creation
Spokesperson Training
Spokeperson Services
Social Media Monitoring, Management, And Response
Proactive And Reactive Media Management
Debriefing, Post-Crisis Image Management And Planning