A team in a meeting working on their company branding to make sure its set up for a sucessful PR plan.

Why Company Branding is an Essential PR Tool

An inside look into the integrated relationship we often overlook.

Public relations and branding go hand-in-hand. Exploring the synergy of their relationship leads to well-crafted communications that encompass all elements of what makes a company who they are. Defining your company’s brand is traditionally a marketing practice, often done in the beginning, introduction or startup stage of a company, but can also be altered and improved over time. 

In today’s world, digital platforms have evolved to become the preferred medium of messaging, and marketing and public relations have grown more intertwined, making branding a non-negotiable component of the PR toolkit. Despite this, companies often don’t appropriately highlight their mission or value proposition. Instead, they prioritize external characterizations rather than building their brand from within. The result of this is brand inconsistency.

What does branding entail exactly?

Branding is more than just the logo on your T-shirt or the fast-food restaurant commercial you see on TV. Company branding is traditionally broken down into six integral components:

  1. Voice – What personalities and tone drive your messaging?
  2. Identity – How is your brand represented by things like your logo and social media presence?
  3. Promise – What is your value proposition?
  4. Values – What principles does your company abide by?
  5. Targeting – What market segment do you want to reach?   
  6. Positioning How does your company differentiate itself from competitors?

All of these puzzle pieces work together to create your overall brand strategy, acting as a foundation for every message your company develops. The puzzle comes together with the addition of a crucial centerpiece: your company’s purpose.

A graphic with purpose at the center and identity, voice, positioning, targeting, values, and promise coming out of it.

The importance of purpose

According to a 2020 study, 94% of global consumers said it is important that the companies they engage with have a strong purpose. Unfortunately, only 37% of those consumers believe companies today actually do. A clearly defined purpose is vital to your overall strategy not only because all other elements of branding stem from it, but because your purpose identifies both what makes your company unique and the goal of your offerings. Your purpose is the reason people buy your product or service, as it answers the central question of “why?” This component of branding is often overlooked, yet your “why” may be the most important element to define. Your “why”, the motivation behind what you do, is public relations gold. 

Many companies employ Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle method to establish their branding. Normally branding prioritizes what the company wants consumers to see, however, unlocking the internal understanding of your company’s purpose is the glue that holds it all together. 

Sinek notes: “Very few people or organizations know why they do what they do. And by ‘why’ I don’t mean ‘to make a profit’. That’s the result. It’s always a result. By ‘why’, I mean ‘What’s your purpose? What’s your cause? What’s your belief? Why does your organization exist?’”

Your “why” is the backbone of PR communications

Bridging the gap between your company’s purpose and the product or service you sell will benefit your efforts to amplify your messaging greatly. Your company’s offerings, mission, and product are just the tip of the iceberg in promoting your brand. Companies that have developed their branding to include a “why” drastically improve their odds of earning positive media coverage.

This is because storytelling is how PR pros bring your brand to life. Humanizing your brand creates a memorable impression for consumers and increases brand loyalty. Brand identity is not a characteristic consumers should have to dig around to find; it should be incorporated into all company communications, both internal and external. 

Earned media placements, blog posts and bylines offer an opportunity for your company’s messaging to be tailored around your “why.” An authentic and transparent company is one consumers will trust. Backing PR communications with your “why” can lead to greater customer recognition, insight, interest among new customers, added value to your business and lasting impressions.

Building relationships with your customers and the media is reliant on clear and focused company branding. Especially as the digital world has become the forefront of PR communications, it is essential to have solidified branding to engage in influencer relations and social media campaigns.

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